Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Digital Camera News: Sony Cybershot DSC-TX55: thin camera with full HD video feature

With Sony's 12.2 millimeters to the thickness of the housing Cybershot DSC-TX55. Of course, the manufacturer measures it at its thinnest point, in order to achieve this peak. Including the extensive coverage to the four-fifth of the camera covered, come back to a few millimeters. Otherwise are 9.3 inches wide, 5.4 centimeters high and 109 grams (with battery and memory card) on the sheet.

Possible the low-lying interior is through a lens. The latter has one of 26-130 millimeters. On board is a CMOS sensor with 16.2-megapixel resolution, which is superior thanks to BSI-function (ack llumination ide, ie backlighting) in the light output of conventional sensors, so Sony. The ISO speed can be adjusted between 100 and 3,200.

Sony built a 3.3-inch display (8.4 inches) with a touchscreen. It represents approximately 1.23 million colors dar. The DSC-TX55 records full-HD (1920x1080 pixels) with 60 frames per second. Practical: During the filming can also take photos - but in a reduced (three megapixels). Various automatic functions ensure sharp images, effect modes (such as macro and HDR) invite you to experiment.

There is a panorama mode with up to 42.9 megapixel resolution. For this wave the device during the shooting, the camera takes the picture composition.

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