Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2012 AMD desktop platforms, the same socket for the CPU and APU

It 'was published the updated roadmap of AMD desktop platforms, which will introduce during 2012. Next year will see the debut of the CPU "Komodo" in band enthusiast, the APU "Trinity" in the mainstream and APU "Wichita" in the entry-level, respectively, accompanied by platforms "Crown", "Virgo" and "Deccan" .

CPU and APU (mainstream) will share the same socket, it is a new socket called FM2, combined with FCH (Fusion Controller Hub) different. The CPU "Komodo" exploit the FCH Hudson D4 and APU "Trinity" the FCH A75/A55 (already used with the Llano APU). "Wichita" rather be a full-SoC with BGA package and integrates directly FT2 FCH "Yuba".

"Komodo" will be based on 5 modules "Piledriver" (aka Bulldozer 2.0), then offer 10 core on-die numenclatura according to AMD, and "Trinity" will use two modules "Piledriver" (4 cores). Both exploit the third generation of Turbo Core AMD to increase the clock frequencies dynamically.

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