Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wii's successor: Wii T: New details on the Nintendo console

As the magazine will have Golgotron that the controller display is 854x480. officially confirmed this information from Nintendo is not. Gamepad moves to Shigeru Miyamoto out in a more info: The group is thinking about more than one-U Wii controllers per console to use. This could, for example, players bring their gamepad to friends and gamble together.

Another possibility he sees in 3DS: "It could be much more convenient to use their handheld and connect it to the console for gamers." Nintendo's North American boss Reggie Fils-Aime goes in a one on backward compatibility. Accordingly, the new console processed while Wii games will look better the old permit is not.

The so-called upscaling of games would be technically possible, but threatens the stability of the console. There is also news to the capacity of the disc: after, the new disc format with a capacity of 25 gigabytes. As announced, Nintendo improves after even with the online features: The complicated system of friend codes of the group and replaced it with a simpler solution.

Users create on the Wii U accounts over which they interact with other players. These accounts are tied to the users, not to the system. This will catch up to Nintendo established online competitors Microsoft and Sony.

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