Saturday, June 11, 2011

The ITs express their requirements to suppliers of clouds

The Open Data Center Alliance, a group of the largest IT buyers, has just published its specifications that define the minimums required to move their operations to the cloud. So far the vision of cloud as we presented is essentially that of suppliers and manufacturers ... clients, themselves, have their little say.

The Open Data Center Alliance is a group of the 280 largest buyers of IT infrastructures. It includes banks, manufacturers like BMW or Lockheed Martin, etc.. The alliance has released eight documents that define many models and use cases outlining the minimum requirements expected of suppliers Cloud before being assigned a portion of the computer activities of these companies.

These 8 records set include: The purpose of these documents is to start a discussion and collaboration with service providers in the cloud "to get monitoring mechanisms and regulation of services, responses on Securing the cloud but also savings of 15% for investment on infrastructure.

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