Saturday, June 11, 2011

Logitech Gaming Optical Mouse G400

Logitech updates its line of gaming mouse with the Logitech Gaming Optical Mouse G400, the successor of the popular MX518. Since the G400 has inherited his father all the more interesting features proposed in a version even better. Logitech has worked on the curves of the G400, the consistency of the tracking, the layout of buttons and reliability over time in the product.

What has not changed is just the price. The optical sensor is passed by a resolution of 1800 DPI to 3600 DPI, to ensure greater speed can be regulated between different levels (400, 800, 1800 and 3600 DPI) on the fly. The accuracy of tracking is the same as that dell'MX518 (variance between hand movement and cursor below 0.5% up to 140 IPS and depending on the surface).

Logitech has also increased the frequency of sampling of information from 125Hz to 1000Hz: this means that all movements and keystrokes are relayed from the computer as soon as possible, practically in real-time. To improve the ergonomics and the smoothness of the mouse, the USB cable has been reduced by 25%.

Even if the mouse works perfectly without installing drivers, improvements have been made to the software programming of additional keys. For the G400, you can use the same software keyboards and Logitech G-Series G13 Advanced Gameboard, so you can reuse a macro created for those products on mouse G400.

The Logitech Gaming Software v8.0 includes, in addition, the profiles for 210 games and makes it easy to create new ones. The Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 will cost $ 49.99 and will be available from mid-July.

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