Saturday, June 11, 2011

Corsair announces the launch of the first kits Corsair Link

Corsair has announced pricing and specifications of the first kits Corsair Link: Corsair Corsair Link and Link Kit Cooling Cooling Kit Corsair and Lightning Link is a modular system of hardware and software that provides monitoring and control unprecedented and cooling systems PC lighting. Announced the two kits are complete solutions that enable users to enjoy the benefits of their components compatible with Corsair Link immediately.

Corsair Link Commander is the heart of all Corsair Link. Protected by an aluminum case and designed to be mounted in an available 3.5 ", the Corsair Link Commander is connected to the PC via USB (the motherboard) and provides 8 digital and 1 analog connections to terminals Corsair Link.

Corsair Link Dashboard is an application for Windows that offers a sophisticated monitoring and control of connected systems. Cooling can be adjusted either manually or automatically, with customizable settings to provide exactly the balance between cooling and sound that is sought. Lighting can also be modified, for example you can change the color of the LEDs depending on the temperature of the system, among other things.

Corsair and Lightning Node Link Node Cooling The Lightning Cooling Node Node and connect to digital terminals Corsair Link Commander. The Node provides five terminals Cooling fan control, four-sensor and three temperature sensors. The Lightning Node provides two channels of light, each of which can control up to 33 LEDs.

In addition to software, they can be controlled by physical buttons, allowing the user to adjust the lighting levels. Any component that has a Corsair connector Digital Link can be added to the Corsair Link system for monitoring and control through its software. For example the recently announced Corsair Hydro H80 and H100 Series can be connected to Corsair Link to obtain accurate temperature measurements and control the radiator fans.

Link Corsair kits are available at the Corsair website, as well as its dealers in July this year. The Cooling Kit has a suggested retail price of $ 99, while the Lightning Cooling Kit and have a suggested retail price of $ 139 USD.

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