Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lian Li PC-A05FN: but what does the power supply here?

Lian Li has launched its PC-A05FN, a housing means all-aluminum tower, showing dimensions of 210 x 385 x 500 mm with a weight of 4.4 kg on the scale. Available in two colors (silver and black), PC-A05FN has two bays and three 5.25-inch format 3.5-inch slots. It also has the classic audio and USB connectors (including USB 3.0) on the front, and two 120 mm fans are placed respectively at the front and back of the case.

But note especially the slot to receive food, placed at the front of the case, as hard drives. Remains to verify in practice whether the manufacturer's choice is relevant ... The PC-A05FN is displayed at a suggested retail price of $ 119, excluding taxes. Yes, all the same.

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