Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Philips PFL9606 and PFL9706 Full LED panels with local dimming 3D

Philips has recently introduced its new product line for 2011 that includes LED LCD televisions range in 9000. Inside we find solutions 2D/3D organized in two different lines indicated by the marks and PFL9606 PFL9706. All models, except those with 32 and 37-inch screen, use a full LED backlight technology with local dimming guarantee a very high contrast and an equally thin panel which provides a thickness of just 40 mm.

The 9000 series also features the new Ambilight Spectra XL LEDs positioned on three sides and can extend virtually the surface of the TV. On models with 32 and 37-inch screen is the version of Ambilight Spectra 3 technology that uses fewer LEDs. The video processor is the well-known Perfect Pixel HD engine capable of making several improvements to the images, thanks to a power that can handle up to 2 billion pixels per second.

Other features include a refresh rate of 400 Hz, 0.5 ms response time, Perfect Natural Motion video processing to thin the image running in 3D mode (missing on the 32-inch model). Regarding the 3D, Philips has built a control system, a technology conversion from 2D to 3D using 3D Max technology that works only with active glasses, but allows freedom of movement and a wide viewing angle of 180 °.

In addition, the 3D technology Super Resolution further increase the quality of 2D and 3D content. Very well taken care of the audio amplification of 40 watt speakers and broadband.

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