Friday, August 19, 2011

Lenovo profits double

Lenovo became the third PC vendor in the world with 12.2% market share, Acer passed, according to its financial results on the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, ended June 30. The Chinese talk about a global sales record of $ 5.9 billion and earnings of $ 108.8 million. It has a cash reserve of $ 3.6 billion . The results in themselves are excellent and surpassed analysts' expectations. While the semiconductor market is down, Lenovo increases its turnover by 15% over the same period last year and profits climb 98%, which is impressive.

These results are partly explained by the new global strategy of the company. He bought the German Medion and created a joint venture with NEC to better attack the Japanese market. It has a very good brand image and that it continues to offer versions of its consumer business machines seems to be working.

Lenovo has nevertheless warned that PC demand should continue to decline due to global economic problems. He must also face the growing threat of Apple in the Chinese market. Indeed, for the first time in its history, Apple's sales in China surpassed those of Lenovo. This includes all consumer products from both companies.

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