Friday, August 19, 2011

HP completes the TouchPad and wants to sell its PC division

HP has announced the acquisition of Autonomy, a software analysis and information management for business for more than 8 billion euros. The conference call was held to present the financial results of the company, which occurred just before the public revelation of the acquisition by Palo Alto was also accompanied by confirmation that the company abandoned all of its products and wanted to separate WebOS its PC division.

It's a massive restructuring that has many surprising and reflects the profound changes taking place currently on the market of computer topics. WebOS aspect of this restructuring is probably the most clear and definitive of all. HP stops the development and sale of tablets and smartphones.

Operations will be officially completed in the last quarter of this year. He does not abandon completely the operating system it acquired in the acquisition of Palm for $ 1.2 billion in April 2010. This is surprising news. After a little over a year and a huge investment in this project, Veer, TouchPad and Pre are killed.

On the other hand, it is easy to see why. HP has not had the commercial success expected. He himself admitted during the conference call that sales have been catastrophic. Best Buy, one of the largest retailers in North America says it has a large number of stocks. The products have also suffered from defects that put them in the shadow of the competition.

The tablet has only been marketed for six weeks and buyers now have a bitter taste. However, WebOS will continue and this is not surprising. The operating system has often been praised as the most positive product now abandoned. It is clear that HP has webOS interesting technologies and intends to play the patent wars being fought right now.

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