Friday, August 19, 2011

Samsung 830: SATA 6 Gbit/s for everyone

Samsung has announced the release "mainstream" of PM830, the SSD SATA 6 Gbit/s announced last week. The Samsung 830 Series will succeed the 470 Series and work with a SATA 6 Gbit/s, as many of its competitors. The design of the hull was treated (which is objectively not very important) and will offer the Samsung SSD in several capacities: 64 to 512 GB The controller used is based on two ARM cores and the memory type MLC, burned at 2x nm (between 20 and 29 nm ...).

In performance, Samsung has clearly not yet finalized the firmware but we are talking at the moment to 500 MB / s read and 350 MB / s write. Interesting values in the sense that they are "real." For SSD-based SandForce, manufacturers generally communicate only theoretical values obtained with data that can be compressed, whereas in reality, this type of file is rare.

Samsung has obviously kept the encryption AES 256-bit from the professional versions, which is a good point. Price is not yet known but Samsung is the general public: the SSD will be available only in two kits but for those that update a desktop machine and those who have a laptop. The first will be delivered with brackets to connect the SSD in a 2.5-inch slot and the second with a SATA to USB adapter.

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