Thursday, July 28, 2011

3D video projectors: Acer H5360BD

The image brightness, the manufacturer with 2,500 ANSI lumens of normal operation, according to Acer, the contrast ratio is 3.200:1. And indeed: The picture in the practice test shone bright colors were bright and black back of the projector rather dark. The image resolution of the device is 1280x720 pixels (HD ready).

With a seat pitch of 2.50 meters was not a raster image and to recognize the image looked sharp. This shows once again that already meets the small HD resolution (720p) for a detailed image. Typical DLP projector: In contrast scenes occur colored flashes of light, which bothers some viewers more than others.

The Acer made for a DLP while still a good figure - other devices show the so-called rainbow effect clearly. In 3D mode, the screen looks through the 3D glasses much darker. Since the H5360BD bright by nature, is the brightness of a good play but still enough. Speaking of glasses: the appropriate 3D Nasenfahrrad from Acer is of considerable size and weight.

A long film that keeps you just as a spectator or by, then it is exhausting. Alternative: Recommend users in Internet forums, also suitable, which should be easier to carry and comfortable. Served as a test film including 3D avatar, which was in the Blu-ray player Panasonic DMP-BDT110. The cheap and good equipment is currently one of the most popular 3D Blu-ray player, among other reasons, because he has a 2D to 3D conversion.

In practical tests showed that the 3D effect impressed almost as much as in the cinema - which wanted the Blu-ray version of Avatar slightly less space than the movie fails. ! For the low price makes the device even fun Note: The 3D glasses are not always immediately connected with the projector screen - this can be verified by the glasses upside down with the nose bridge touches the top.

If the 3D image to look better, you have to call in the device menu to select "invert 3D". The preparation of the projector is relatively complicated, since the device lacks a lens-shift lens. The projector must therefore be possible to the center front of the screen in order to get a rectangular image.

The image size can be adjusted on the device, however, is the scope of the Acer is very small. Those planning the permanent installation of the projector, the image size exactly according to plan with the site. Help in providing the 'where to find the bauähnlich model H5360. External devices such as Blu-ray player or games console, connect an HDMI jack.

There are interfaces for component, composite-video, VGA and S-video connections. The operating noise of the projector according to the manufacturer is 32 decibels in standard mode. In the Real World was heard loud noise from the device medium. Eco-Mode selectable in the projector can not be heard almost - but he slows the brightness.

The built-in lamp lasts for up to 4,000 hours in Eco-Mode, Acer to grant a one-year warranty on the lamp without any time restriction.

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