Thursday, July 28, 2011

Razer unveils new gaming headset and audio Razer Electra

Razer has announced new games and music headphones Razer Electra, which provide low and very sharp with great convenience to-end flexible and adaptable to your headphones. Will be available from October 2011. Follows the official press release. GET READY FOR AN AUDIO WITH RAZER Electrifying ELECTRARazer enhances the gaming enthusiasts with the Razer headphones Electra video game music on the go, and Carlsbad, California -  Razer ™, the world's leading gaming peripherals for high-end brings thumping bass of your music and audio of the game on the road with the Razer headphones designed to play any sound Electra and notes with incredible depth and balance in a pack versatile and comfortable.

Whether you're fighting the enemies on your smartphone, tablet or netbook, the need to enhance the gaming experience with a special audio is not to deny. The Razer Electra provide everything from deep bass and powerful sound with an incredible balance to accurately tuned audio drivers at low frequencies.

The street or subway, the noise can be a major impediment for the pleasure of listening to music. Try the Razer Electra that thanks to thick leather padding to fit the shape of the ear and earphones are placed in an optimal way to increase the isolation of the sound and have always just good vibes.

Fitted with a range of flexible and lightweight, the headphones Razer Electra are designed for comfortable use and durable, and allow you to listen to your favorite tunes at full volume. "When the real players are away from your computer, do not stop playing," says Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, president, Razer USA.

"The Razer Electra has been designed to be a faithful companion audio player's favorite songs and stepping up the game in motion with deep bass and rich sound." About the Razer headphones and music playing Electra electrifies your life with the power Razer sound of Electra. Excellent headphones designed to play audio from an incredible game and music, the Razer Electra allow you to bring in the street deep bass and balanced sound accurately synchronized with the drivers of each ear.

Enjoy the music and forget the noise as the Razer Electra were designed to isolate external noise through the ear pads and leatherette ear that is positioned optimally. Fitted with a range of flexible and lightweight, the headphones Razer Electra are designed for comfortable use and durable.

Product Features: • improved bass reproduction thanks to optimized drivers padding • Replaceable leatherette ear isolating earphones • flexible and adaptable range for extreme comfort • Detachable Audio Cable Detachable cable • Rubber covered with microphone for voice communication

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