Thursday, July 28, 2011

Intel 10 nm processors by 2018

Have been disclosed long-term plans of Intel about the names and manufacturing processes for future chips. Continuing to follow the typical strategy of "tick-tock" where a new micro-architecture is used with two consecutive fabrication processes and every manufacturing process is used with two micro-architectures in a row, the manufacturer has put its cards on the table about all the successors of Ivy Bridge.

The Family Core 2012, based on Ivy Bridge, will early next year and will still use the LGA1155 socket. Haswell is the name of the micro-architecture of next generation that will follow Ivybridge and Sandy Bridge in 2013 and will be produced at 22 nm. Roswell will represent only a die shrink to 14 nm and Haswell will arrive in 2014.

The codename of the next micro-architecture will Skylake: This will be produced and then to 14 nm to 10 nm to evolve Skymont that could come between 2017 and 2018.

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