Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cables mini-DisplayPort/HDMI prohibited

Originally used exclusively by Apple, the mini-DisplayPort connector is now a large number of AMD graphics cards and notebooks Dell, Toshiba, HP or Lenovo. The number of screens with native port is identical necking, it is mostly through a mini-DP to DVI or HDMI. But now the promoter of the consortium has ruled that HDMI cables adaper mini-DP to HDMI is illegal.

Remember that the HDMI is a standard charge (unlike the DisplayPort): Each company wishing to use this interface must pay a license to HDMI Licensing LLC, which has power of life and death on the standard, its variations and related products. HDMI Licensing LLC has informed the cable manufacturers with a mini-DP port male on one side and a male HDMI port on the other that their products were incompatible with the license HDMI.

The HDMI does indeed recognize that the existence of a cable with HDMI male to each end. All manufacturers must cease the manufacture and sale of illegal cable. And users? They will be satisfied with one piece adapters, which do not take the form of a cable: the presence of an HDMI socket does not bother HDMI Licensing LLC, which is clearly not ready to inconsistency.

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