Thursday, July 14, 2011

IFA 2011: Preview trends and highlights

The Internet functions of plasma and gain speed, range and ease of use - Smart TV is the keyword. Based on smartphones is the term used for features such as Internet video stores for movies and music, news, apps, games and small guide to sports, household, fashion. Regardless of the vendor-specific tailored applications increasingly offer TV via browser for free access to Internet sites.

At the IFA preview showed among other things, Samsung and Toshiba, its app-filled TV screens. In the 3D technique is raging battle of the systems: The complicated shutter technique - expensive glasses, but full HDTV resolution (1920x1080 pixels) - must be a case of the growing number of 3D TV with polarization resist technique.

According to LG Philips and Toshiba companies are also increasingly relying on this solution. Pol-glasses are lighter, cheaper, and work without batteries - which is reduced at the pole technique, however, to one-half (1920x540). Anyone who buys five glasses for the family and friends for 30 € instead of 400 €, appreciates the argument of a higher resolution but perhaps less important.

Philips presented a new screen coating: The LCD TV Generation of High-End Series 9706 prevents a so-called moth-eye filter reflections and allows black to appear very dark - the difference with good 9705er-year series was clearly in the presentation. The surface structure has been copied Philips in the eye of the moth.

Toshiba gets personal: On the LCD TVs, the WL-and YL-series can create up to four profiles, which differ in the initial volume, image display, channel display and list of recorded programs. The TVs, which are very face detection by camera or the assignment of a button. In recent weeks, manufacturers such as Olympus and Panasonic announced new already at extremely compact, interchangeable lens cameras without mirrors.

At the IFA-Preview laid by Sony and presented its smallest and lightest camera system. Nevertheless, the NEX-C3 has a large APS-C sensor. A new feature for individual shots just make a picture using the rotary control effects such as color temperature. Bowers and Wilkins have their favorite speaker dock, the Zeppelin, accompanied by the words Air.

The music system design can now via Apple airplay on a wireless network from the iPhone or Apple notebooks provide you with music. Loewe offers a similar system with the Air speakers. Bowers and Wilkins will also present the in-ear headphones C5, which is characterized by a special cable guide: By the adjustable strap headphone cord ensures a secure hold in the ear.

A semi-permeable metal foam is to prevent interference in the ear and provide for clean sound. Philips is committed to equal rights under one and want the world's first Android-AS851 Lautsprecherdock compensation for creating iPhone-centric in its class. For clothes worn-friends before the headphones, Philips SHO9567 O'Neil The Stretch: The closed headphones are made of very flexible plastic and keep falling from the skate-or snowboard better, with an additional connector is just below the ears as a security separation.

The upper layer of the double-gray or green finish is deliberately abkratzbar, so you can fit the headphones to make ripped jeans in the so-called distressed look. Under the first resist layer with a flashy red or blue is revealed. Sony proudly presents the new one. This means that the 13-inch racer additional graphics power and an optical drive.

While were on the spot, but could be at the direction of Japan not photographed or filmed. It probably only gives new information on the IFA. Meanwhile, put the other manufacturers submitted revised versions of their Rechenflundern. are slimmer in 8.9 and 10.1 inches, have a front camera for video telephony and draw their computing power from a dual-core processor.

Acer donated to a UMTS module (then A501) and lowers the price by 100 €. The seven-inch Iconia Tab A100 completes the offer down. An eye-catcher is the massive. The Android phone has an unusually large display (five inch) with a resolution of 1024x480 pixels. Course will also further worked on the third dimension.

Toshiba is showing the works without glasses. The key: As it records the position of the camera eye, the tiny lenses on display are directed appropriately. This keeps the image stable, even during movement. However disturbing the matrix of the lens visible pleasure.

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