Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convergence, the watchword of Microsoft

The President of the division of Microsoft phones, Andy Lees, said the company is working to create a unified ecosystem can embrace all its products, PCs, smartphones and gaming platforms: "We Are Bringing together all the devices into a unified economic system, "Lees said during a conference. "If the core of the device Itself is possible to be common across phones, PCs, TVs and other things, there will be a single eco-system to bring them together.

Our strategy is That Are Within These new form factors to single eco-system eco-systems different than Rather. "This is after all is what has been done with Windows and that Microsoft expects to do in the future. The key will be the arrival of Windows 8, which can be used on virtually any format, from the Tablet PC.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the operating system used on the tablet should be taken from the same OS smartphones, as it does with Apple's iPhone OS. Who had asked whether Microsoft was planning the construction of a tablet with Windows 7 Phone has also found a negative response, because such a decision would conflict with this strategy: Microsoft sees as a kind of tablet PC with the which users can do what they do, indeed, with a traditional computer.

Apple and Google's approach is decidedly different. Apple wants to create a single OS that works on just about everything, iPhone or desktop / laptop computer. Google must hand in the opposite direction, starting from two systems Android for smartphones and tablets and trying to find a convergence.

The same can also be applied to the desktop version.

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