Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wappy Dog: Tamagotchi clone for DS owners

"Wappy Dog" is a kind of toy pet that responds to commands and keystrokes of the Nintendo DS. At stake is a small plastic dog that is the handheld for playing partners and carries out instructions. The "master" teaches the "Wappy Dog 'tricks, can sing, dance it, or compete with other conspecifics. "Wappy Dog" is primarily aimed at younger gamers.

Player of the older generation remember inevitably to the Tamagotchi in the mid 90s to fame. As with the Japanese pioneer of virtual pet care "grows" and the "Wappy Dog" and is changing: With increasing age change his voice and his responses. Practical: If the owner wants to take time out or a care-for example, goes on holiday, he switched off the dog easily.

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