Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google converts Flash HTML5

Last week, Google launched a tool that converts Flash SWF file into a code compatible with HTML5 WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Responding on behalf of Swiffy, it works in two stages. Its compiler treats a document and generates an SWF file JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which is then rendered by a JavaScript runtime engine that will use HTML, SVG and CSS.

The converted about 10% larger than the original, according to Google. Swiffy recognizes the major features of Flash 5. It is recommended to export the file using this format. The tool is also compatible with the broad outlines of Basic ActionScript 2.0. In case of conflict, says Swiffy Google displays a warning message.

Google admits it still has to optimize its product. He does not know either if Swiffy is an open source project or not. Finally, the publisher said that Adobe is not only aware of the existence of Swiffy, but that he "welcomed". It considers that it would be a way to extend the scope of its Flash tools.

This is not the first tool of its kind. Adobe has already published Wallaby that converts Flash HTML5. However, according to Google, Swiffy is destined to be a tool available on the Internet unlike Wallaby which is installed on the user's machine and does not convert the files.

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