Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TSMC first on the 3D processors?

A report by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, especially known for being the organizer of Computex, says the chipmaker TSMC produce 3D chips before Intel. But it's not quite the same 3D. Where Intel uses its 3D transistors, TSMC will apply across the entire chip to connect dies stacked on each other.

This technology, called TSV (Through Silicon Vias) facilitates the interconnection of multiple dies in one package by shortening the length of the connections between them. It can be used for example to stack cache memory on the threads within a processor. According to the report of TAITRA, TSMC could multiply by 1000 and the density of chips.

They consume 50% less. Of course, before such figures we remain cautious and expect the first products.

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