Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apple's servers hacked by Anonymous

The Anonymous group of hackers said on his Twitter account he had penetrated the Apple servers. According to information published by the group Pastebin, the 27 user names and password hashes from a server used for surveys. Data from clients of the firm are not affected by this attack, which remains limited in scope.

It is the site abs. apple. com which was hit. It seems that the hashes are not too difficult to decipher. We do not know the details of the attack, but the procedure is similar to the activities of former members who joined Lulzec Anonymous and were fond of SQL injections. For the record, so they had corrupted the PBS site for publishing a false report on the appearances of rapper Tupac Sakura and stole information from users of the Sony sites.

Before the merger, Lulzsec said he had penetrated the icloud servers from Apple, he had studied the computers connected to the internal network, downloaded all their source code and stolen passwords from the database.

However, no evidence has been published on the Web at the moment and Apple refuses to comment on the two attacks. He had put his server abs. apple. com offline for a while. The site was again available at the time. Anonymous reported on Twitter that Apple could be the target of new attacks."

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