Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First data of the new AMD graphics 7000

Gradually they get to know the data on the next generation of AMD graphics cards, this is the series that may be called AMD 7000. If you continue the current nomenclature would be called models 79xx, 78xx for the high end, and 76xx 77XX for the midrange and the rest for the low end. As expected the first new GPU manufactured at 28 nanometers, although not yet know what will.

By filtering the internal names are known: Also leaked internal names of the developments: 'Tahiti: The high end would be equivalent to the current Cayman AMD. -New Zealand: Model supposedly more powerful and will consist of two GPU Tahiti. Would be used in 7990. - Lombok: It would be the dedicated midrange GPU, quite possibly the 76xx and 77XX.

Thames: The range of dedicated GPU lower or possibly 75xx 74XX. As usual it is not known or prices or release dates.

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