Monday, June 27, 2011

Creative Aurvana In-Ear3

Creative Technology Aurvana his family extends a pair of in-ear earphones. The new model is Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 with two "dual balanced armature" drivers per side feature, which will deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction. Each side is a driver for the display of higher frequencies and a low for the intended.

In addition comes a patent pending acoustical separation is used, which is to ensure that highs, mids and lows only in the ear to combine an optimum sound resolution. Particular attention is placed on the manufacturer, the shielding of ambient noise: The aim is also to soft music volume to be heard no outside noise.

The cable is routed over the ear, so that should also be guaranteed secure fit during sports. The in-ear headphones have cables 1.20 meters long and weigh 13 grams

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