Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on 28 June: AntiVir: Avira supplies from Service Pack 2

Similar to the program also provides collections of Windows Service Pack 2 for more stability and bug fixes AntiVir in the software. In addition, improved manufacturer Avira's heuristic detection of pests. With WebGuard holds a function in the free version of AntiVir catchment, which was previously reserved for premium users.

SP2 AntiVir protects you from malicious websites. The catch: WebGuard directed an additional bar in your browser, which can not be removed separately. On 28 June Avira presents the Service Pack 2 as an automatic update that begins AntiVir independently by downloading the new program content.

Check by double clicking on the AntiVir icon in your taskbar, if you have enabled Automatic Updates - otherwise you get no update.

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