Monday, June 27, 2011

Nokia abandons MeeGo

In an interview with Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, the PD G Nokia said it was abandoning MeeGo smartphone, even if it appears that the operating system is a success in the N9 week presented last. Stephen Elop thus proclaims his loyalty to Windows Phone that will clearly become the preferred operating system of the firm.

This position is not a surprise. The presentation of the N9 to the press was a success and the first impressions were very positive. However, the PD G suddenly decided to divert attention from its smartphone MeeGo presenting a phone near the N9 shipping a Windows version 7 Phone Mango and meet code-named Sea Ray.

The terminal will be released on October 26th at the Nokia World and a demonstration by Nokia itself is available in the video below. The Finn said he will not be a single manufacturer and that Microsoft intends to propose innovative software. However, the message is clear. "We (Nokia, Ed) will continue to build our inventions to our Windows Mobile sets us apart from our competitors and provide significant benefits to our application developers." This is probably the most important sentence of the interview, in our view.

Innovations will be built for Nokia phones Windows. Symbian is completely absent from the discussions and MeeGo is a distant memory. No doubt Nokia will offend a large number of loyal customers, developers, because many of them admired the efforts of the firm in MeeGo, as demonstrated by the negative reactions to the announcement of a partnership with Redmond.

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