Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Xbox Live built into Windows 8

Mike Delman, a Microsoft executive, has confirmed in an interview with the Seattle Times that Windows Live is built into Windows 8 and serve as a center of entertainment to users. He says Xbox Live to Windows 7 Phone was so successful that the firm has decided to extend the platform to the PC. It is not known if Redmond has also released a version for Windows 7, but we imagine that the publisher will seek to make its platform available to as many people as possible.

It clearly outlines the policy of the firm is "buying a movie somewhere and read it anywhere, buy a game to a place and play everywhere." However, he declined to give details. When the newspaper asked how the service would be integrated into Windows, it only explained that there would be "many similarities" between the versions for consoles, PCs and smartphones.

He also confessed to hint that Microsoft would unify and Xbox Live SkyDrive, cloud storage platform in Redmond, without saying more. Xbox Live is a platform that was born on the Xbox. She can play multiplayer games, sharing scores, achievements and purchase multimedia content on the Marketplace.

This is not the first time we talk about Xbox Live on PC. Already in 2006, Microsoft announced it would bring some services on Windows (see "The Xbox Live service will open to PC gamers"). The Games for Windows - Live appeared in 2007, but it does not incorporate all aspects of the platform console.

It is not integrated with the operating system. Competition is increasingly fierce. Apple benefits from its iTunes platform, Android has many partners, one of them is Amazon. Microsoft needs to meet its competitors. It will therefore operate a service that pays off and remains relatively popular.

Bloomberg believes that Xbox Live was a turnover of 1 billion dollars last year (approx. 700 million euros). The firm's interest to build on the popularity of its platform.

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