Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AMD shows Trinity: APU with Bulldozer CPU and iGPU Cayman

During the AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2011, the house of Sunnyvale has shown for the first time a notebook equipped with APU Trinity. Trinity will, during 2012, the place of APU Llano - officially unveiled in recent days - and it will be much more powerful while sharing the same 32-nanometer production process.

Trinity are integrated into a CPU-based architecture and a bulldozer iGPU Cayman-based architecture. To be more precise the graphics will benefit from an iGPU with power similar to the Radeon HD 6850 (core Barts), but with an internal organization of the ALU-type VLIW4 (core Cayman). It 'important to note that the notebook was working perfectly shown.

The target of this solution will be based systems Ivy Bridge architecture that Intel will present during the next year.

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