Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Webian Shell: Mozilla browser operating system

Webian Shell is a browser that replaces the the. Because users often need only to access the Internet without disturbing Windows interface, says developer Ben Francis. The solution in his opinion: "Webian Shell", the browser as operating system and desktop replacement. It is based on the Mozilla Project "chromeless" and uses the Web technologies HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Version 0.1 gives a first impression of the browser, even if not yet to see much. In addition to a black surface, there is a time display and an address line, the input of websites does not work. Later versions will support widgets that offer a zoom function and allow access to the hardware settings of the machine.

An on-screen keyboard, such as for devices with touch-screen display, is also being planned. The idea of the Internet via browser platform at the center, goes down well - and is not new: Google is working with on a similar solution. However, there are concerns regarding data security: How secure your photos, emails and Co. if nothing is stored on a local? Here it must create the provider to incorporate strong security mechanisms.

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