Friday, August 5, 2011

SAPPHIRE announces new Radeon HD 6950 TOXIC

Named as the fastest of the Radeon HD 6950, Sapphire Technology has announced the new VGA SAPPHIRE HD 6950 TOXIC Edition, which features a core frequency equal to 880MHz paired with GDDR5 memory running at 1300MHz with a bandwidth of 5.2 Gb effective / s. The manufacturer has managed to achieve these values through a specially designed PCB with an oversized power supply section and two power connectors from 8 +6 pin.

In addition SAPPHRE used a cooling Vapor Chamber technology, large fan and a new perforated back plate that increases the flow of air out of the system. GPU and features are those already known for some time for these graphics cards including DirectX 11, dual BIOS and support for the tuning and overclocking tool Owner Sapphire Trixx.

The card also has two DVI ports, an HDMI port and two mini-DisplayPort, for up to 4 screens mode Eyefinity AMD.

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