Friday, August 5, 2011

EeePC X101: Extra slim netbook from Asus with MeeGo operating system

The EeePC has slimmed down. The new ten-inch model from Asus measured at the thinnest point, just 1.7 centimeters. Even when the manufacturer has saved weight: an average of the previous records still brings a kilo, the X101 only 920 grams on the scales. The flat exterior is unfortunately at the cost of connections: On an Ethernet jack, Asus has dispensed with this model.

Network connections are therefore only via wireless (n standard) is possible. To connect external devices and storage media, there are two USB 2.0 ports and a card reader at that. With a 1.3-GHz Atom processor from Intel and the unit has a typical netbook configuration. The graphical representation takes the integrated chipset "GMA 3150" from Intel.

Instead of a conventional hard drive, the X101 has an SSD flash memory with a capacity of eight gigabytes. This has advantages: Compared to a mobile hard drive is a solid state memory faster approachable, less susceptible to shock and be energy efficient. The space is comparatively tiny.

As to the coming of a collaboration between Nokia and Intel emerged MeeGo use. Specially designed for small mobile device platform starts up fast, so the X101 is ready in a short time. Applications for online social networks and instant messenger programs are already installed on the netbook.

Facebook and Twitter, for example, can also be reached by clicking on the appropriate desktop icons. Of additional services to the device manufacturer provides the use of "Asus Web Stores". You can store up to two gigabytes of data in an online store (). The company's own App Store and the cloud-based service "Asus @ Vibe 'offers a range of additional programs, games and entertainment media such as e-books, magazines or music.

The battery, Asus has unfortunately rather short: the three-cell battery of the X101 will hold up to four hours. So that the model behind the performance of other versions of the EeePC family, which are usually equipped with a six-cell battery and bring it to an operating time by up to nine hours.

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