Friday, August 5, 2011

Liveradio of Logitech Squeezebox Orange

Logitech incorporates the catalog Liveradio Orange to its range of applications for Squeezebox. This application offers a number of global content for the award-winning Logitech Squeezebox, wireless music player on the Internet, increasing catalog of radio stations and podcasts available. The Logitech Squeezebox is an all in one compact music player and alarm, because he can hear our favorite music from Internet and from your computer.

It can be placed anywhere in the house, wirelessly. It integrates seamlessly with your home network, allowing the computer to listen to music anywhere. It supports almost any format including MP3, FLAC, WMA, WMA Lossless, AAC, Apple Lossless, WAV and AIFF. Now you can control the Squeezebox with your smartphone or your tablet, play music, search, synchronize, and more with the application of Logitech Squeezebox Controller.

The application Liveradio Orange has a catalog of more than 11,000 of the best radio stations in the world such as the BBC Radio 4 in the UK, the RTL in France, Onda Cero in Spain or in Switzerland RSR. With this application you can access podcasts of servers around the world: Europe 1, France, Couleur 3, France or the BBC in the UK, among others.

With the application, when you hear a good song will be unaware of the opportunity to know all the information associated with it, provided by the radio channels, as the title or artist name. "The partnership with Orange Liveradio is a very exciting step in the evolution of the Squeezebox from Logitech," said Mark Schneider, Vice President and General Manager of the Audio Business Unit, Logitech "with the addition of more than 11,000 of best radio stations worldwide and over 6,000 pdocasts, through the new application, the Logitech Squeezebox will not rival in terms of entertainment in your home.

What's more, now you can even closer to your favorite artists accessing exclusive concerts, making the experience more complete Squeezebox and better than ever."

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