Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TSMC produce processors A6Apple

TSMC would have started making the first copies of test A6 Apple ARM processors, according to Reuters. This announcement therefore confirms the rumors of who said last June that Apple had to abandon Samsung TSMC for strategic and technology (see "Apple is going to make its processors elsewhere"). According to Reuters, Apple has not yet completed the abandonment of its processors for Samsung A6.

It will require the foundry Taiwan demonstrates the ability to have large enough returns to satisfy Cupertino. Until now, Korean manufactured the processors A4 and A5. Apple, however, accuses Samsung of copying. Both companies are entangled in a complex legal matter and the decision to manufacture these processors is also a strategic coup and major media.

Apple may also wish to take advantage of 28 nm, a manufacturing process with TSMC talks since 2008 (see "The 28 nm in 2010 at TSMC") and would have started in late 2010. However Samsung showed earlier this week that he could also burn ARM processors to this fine engraving (see "Samsung wants to burn ARM chips in 20 nm").

Seo Won-seok, an analyst at NH Investment & Securities in Seoul said that Samsung and Apple have long collaborated on processors A4 and A5 and it is likely that the father of the iPad uses technologies that belong to the Korean. Send their designs to TSMC is not that easy. If Apple decides to move in the Taiwanese foundry, it will undoubtedly reshape some of its chips and adapt to new production lines.

In short, we must step back. We remember that the rumors claimed that the A5 would be manufactured by TSMC, which does not happen in the end. As long as one does not have a chip in the hands, it is impossible to get to the bottom, Apple and its partners do not communicate officially on the subject.

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