Sunday, July 3, 2011

TechPowerUp a new version of GPU-Z 0.5.4

TechPowerUp has released the latest version of its popular GPU-Z, a monitoring software for graphics cards. Version 0.5.4 contains a number of changes, starting with a faster startup, support for the entire line of NVIDIA graphics 500M Series, improved support for APUS AMD or the new Intel graphics models and Sandy Bridge AMD Radeon HD 6000m Series.

GPU-Z has solved the problem been suffering with AMD Radeon graphics with which the start was pretty slow. It has also improved the boot time of the application with NVIDIA graphics. Fixed problem with ROPs Radeon HD6790 AMD in graphics and have fixed the problems with sensors Caicos, Turks and Whistler.

One problem with the detection of drivers in some NVIDIA OpenCL has also been solved, and the ability to read the shared memory UMA graphics APU from AMD. GPU-Z is now a more lightweight and agile, and is available in both normal and customized version of ASUS ROG. 

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