Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scythe has extended its range of boxes with Ikazuti

Scythe Japanese company presents its new series of mid-tower cases Ikazuti available with three different colors on the front panel of brushed steel. With a sleek design, the new Ikazuti promise a good indoor ventilation capacity thanks to its four grids (two side, one rear and one above) to 120mm fans, making the low noise of the system.

To help with the cooling Scythe in all of its Ikazuti a pair of Slip Stream 120, almost dumb when you consider their 10.7dBA at 800 revolutions per minute. The sobriety of the front is secured with the small front cover, which covers two USB ports, one eSATA and audio input and microphone Easy installation and maintenance.

In order to maximize ease of use Ikazuti, Scythe has dispensed with the screws in the installation system components in the box. Side panels are secured with screws that can be tapped by hand, the 5.25 "bays turning levers are fixed and the panel on which is screwed the motherboard has an opening at the processor level to provide the maximum heat sink assembly system with back plate.

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