Monday, July 4, 2011

AMD presents the APU A8 and A6-3850-3650 Llano

AMD has officially launched its APU-3850 A8 and A6-3650 aimed at desktops, have four cores and integrated graphics and HD6530D Radeon HD6550D. The new APU from AMD, A6 and A8-3850-3650 are manufactured in a 32nm GPU, have four cores, support for DirectX 11 GPU for Integrated controller, dual channel DDR3 memory with support for graphics technology combined AMD Dual Graphics Technology.

The new APU will target AMD motherboards with FM1 soscket under the AMD A75. A8-3850 model has four cores at 2.9GHz, Radeon HD graphics with 400 Stram 6550D Processors at 600MHz, 4MB L2 cache and a TDP of 100W. Moreover, the A6-3650 also has four 2.6GHz cores but with graphics Radeon HD 3530D with 320 Stream Processor GPU 443Mhz, 4MB L2 cache and a TDP of 100W.

It is also expected to launch AMD-3800 A8 models with a 2.4GHz speed to 2.7GHz using Turbo Core and A6-3600 with a speed of 2.1GHz to 2.4GHz under a TDP of only 65W, A6 model will come later -3500. On the other hand expect dual-core models A4-3400 at 2.7GHz with a TDP of 65W, A4-3300 with 2.5GHz and TDP of 65W which will come with graphics Radeon HD 6410D with 160 Stream Processors with 600Mhz and 443Mhz GPU respectively.

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