Monday, July 4, 2011

The Tegra 4 Wayne will be available in two versions

NVIDIA should send the first copies of its Tegra processor test four known code Wayne in December for a market for the launch of Windows 8. The company should still offer two versions of the chip. One will be for smartphones and the other for tablets and netbooks, according to reports that the new BSN.

The version for smartphone should include a Cortex A15 quad core running at 1.5 GHz and a GPU with 24 CUDA cores. NVIDIA monitors the consumption of the chip must not exceed that of Kal-El. The fact that Wayne uses a more fine engraving will certainly be an advantage. In fact, NVIDIA is expected to use 28 nm against 40 nm for the Tegra 3.

The version for netbooks tablet and had eight ARM cores and a GPU 32 "or 64 cores" CUDA. The information is still very vague and confusing and it's hard to understand what this means. It may be that the chip is available in two versions, or NVIDIA decided to disable some cores when to limit the consumption of very low power platforms, or simply that the technical characteristics are not yet arrested.

NVIDIA chipset could produce a DirectX 11 OpenGL 4. x 1 and OpenCL. x, but nothing is really certain. NVIDIA keeps all tired when we roadmap you described earlier this year (see "Kal-El, the NVIDIA Tegra quad core"). 3 Tegra products that meet the code name Kal-El, should be available at the end of the year (see "The Tegra 3 Kal El will be engraved in 40 nm").

The first demonstrations are encouraging (see "Nvidia did a demo of Kal-El, aka Tegra 3"). The chip will incorporate four cores A9 and 12 shader units. The units of calculation will be compatible SIMD NEON. This instruction set accelerating the processing of data such as video decoding, and compensates the poor performance of the FPU ARM cores (see "NEON, Tegra, Flash and WebM Explained").

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