Friday, July 8, 2011

AMD E-450: a Turbo for the GPU?

AMD is expected to propose in the future a new APU at entry level, the E-450. This chip is expected to replace the current APU and E-350 would be a simple evolution of the latter. The party would win a few MHz CPU, going from 1.6 GHz to 1.66 GHz, but the Bobcat cores do not move: it is 64 bits, and storage OoO 512 KB of cache per core.

The memory management is changing a bit, going from DDR3-1066 to DDR3-1333. This is the graphics changing "most": the Radeon HD 6310 Radeon HD 6320 is a. The chip is still based on Cedar and Radeon 5450 and 80 processing units are still present, but the frequency increases slightly. 500 MHz now, we will move to 508 MHz mode and a "Turbo" will be on hand, in some cases for up to 600 MHz frequency.

It should therefore have a (small) gain in 3D, but that's all. still waiting for the formalization of the chip from AMD. Note that the TDP will not move and remain at 18 W, which is correct for an integrated solution of this type.

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