Monday, July 11, 2011

AMD Bulldozer: the first unofficial benches began to circulate

The website has tested a DonanimHaber engineering sample B1 stepping of the AMD FX operating at 3.2 GHz Core 2.0 with Turbo technology that allows high as 3.6 GHz with all cores active or 4.2 GHz only 4 active cores. The sample has 2MB of L2 cache per module (each module has two physical cores) for a total of 8MB and 8MB of shared L3 cache.

The tests were carried out using a Gigabyte 990 chipset UD5 990FXA-FX and a GeForce GTX 580. These are the results: 3DMark11: Chess P6265Fritz: 14197 kn / sPCMark 7: R10 3045Cinebench: 24434x.264: 45.39 fps (P2), 136.29 (P1) SuperPi 1M: 19.5 s From these numbers show that the tests that use the core capabilities of the new benefit greatly Bulldozer CPU.

Fritz Chess, x.264, Cinebench R10 3DMark11 show values but also very favorable for this CPU than, say, a Core i7 2600K. SuperPi 1M remains the prerogative of the solutions instead of Intel. Even if you should take these results with caution for several reasons, they may provide a more or less close to reality.

We look forward to forward to the arrival on the market of the early AMD FX expected by the end of August or early September.

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