Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A thinner memory by Elpida

Elpida has this rune DRAM packaging using four layers with a thickness of only 0.8 mm. It is 20% less than traditional models that run at 1 mm, the statement said. With this product, the firm is primarily manufacturers of tablets and smartphones. The difference of only 0.2 mm may seem ridiculous to the general public, but we must understand that we are talking about design package is Package (PoP) which require specific memory modules of 0.8 mm.

The PoP is a technique that stacks two packaging on each other to save space. The packaging of the lower, which is often referred POPB (Package on Package bottom) contains the processor and the top one, the popt (Package on Package top) includes the memory. The packaging is part of a chip that will hold the die to protect it and connect to external connectors.

They are often composed of plastic and ceramic. A difference in thickness can have a significant impact on heat dissipation and design of the chassis. We are talking about smartphones or shelves where every millimeter is counted. The PoP is very common and almost always used in combination with an ARM processor today.

Mass production of DRAM is expected to begin next quarter (third quarter 2011, Ed)

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