Thursday, June 16, 2011

The keyboard comes hackers, quieter

The "Happy Hacking Keybard," one of the best keyboards in the world, returns. This mechanical keyboard, very old school in design, is best known for one of its variants: the keys are not screen printed and are therefore free from any registration. The new model, the Type-S is faster, thanks to keys more stable and quieter, with materials provided for the sound of typing is between 2500 and 5000 Hz, which reduces noise.

Available without registration in QWERTY or Japanese version, the keyboard is USB and includes a USB hub with two ports. Good idea, the cable is removable. The absence of a keypad may interfere with speaking, but those who use a U.S. layout should not be too embarrassed. Is the price to meet expectations: about 30,000 yen, or about 260 €.

Quality has a price and Fujitsu understands that this is a keyboard "luxury" the company intends to sell only 2,000 this year.

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