Thursday, June 16, 2011

Asus presents its 9 Series motherboards AMD

Asus has unveiled its new series of 9-Series motherboards with support for processors and chipsets 990FX/990X/970 AM3 + models have been called M5A99/97 Series, 990FX and ROG Crosshair Sabertooth V Formula. M5A99/97 Asus motherboards offer support for new AM3 processors AM3 + and above, also has DIP technology, EPU and TPU getting that energy efficiency is the best.

Incorporates UEFI BIOS that allows the use of the mouse and the interface using icons in the BIOS for easy setup. As for the Sabertooth 990FX chipset incorporates new AMD 990FX, also employs the ceramic! X used in aerospace projects providing a dissipation area 50% larger allowing more effective heat dissipation.

Thermal technology also uses radar that is to distribute various sensors at strategic points on the motherboard to monitor the temperatures of the most critical areas. The ROG Crosshair V Formula is like the Sabertooth, a top model that has socket AM3 + chipset and 990FX for AMD, has feeding phase Extreme Engine Digi + 8 +2 phase, 8 for the CPU and 2 for the RAM.

It incorporates an integrated sound card ASUS Supreme FX X-Fi 2 with Creative X-Fi chip. Here we show the detailed specification. M54 Series. Sabertooth Asus 990FX. Asus Crosshair Formula V.

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