Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nvidia graphics card brings to the Cloud

Nvidia's new strategy combines under the name "Project Monterey" together: in future mobile devices serve only as a receiver, run the graphical applications over a Nvidia "Tegra" chips. The calculation of the display is outsourced to the cloud. Replaces one from online servers outside of the device the process that usually comes at the cost of the power of an internal ("GPU").

Nvidia aims for each unit from the laptop to the smartphone until a response rate that is indistinguishable from a conventional configuration of graphic chip with GPU. As a further line of development Nvidia introduced innovations in the field of "Maximus" technique. It is already used on laptops and adjusts depending on the requirement to switch between internal and external graphics unit.

Maximus is now also stop at feeder stations and distribute the system load across multiple GPUs. This will increase the scalability of Nvidia graphics. When the techniques are presented to the mature market is not yet known.

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