Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 is scheduled for October

The makers of smartphones would try to move the output terminals of the first Ice Cream Sandwich for the month of October to enjoy the holiday season to boost their sales and to overshadow the iPhone 5. The BGR site would have this information to a source close to the development of the operating system.

This date seems logical then that Android needs to strike hard at the end of the year. Ice Cream Sandwich is an important step for Google, while the firm is at a pivotal time in the history of their favorite operating system. Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is officially available since December 2010 and the source code was published shortly after his inauguration.

The firm then turned to Honeycomb, the version of Android 3. x for the tablets. Motorola launched the first product enabled earlier this year and others followed. Samsung is probably one of the manufacturers with the best tablet Android, but the least we can say is that Apple has put a spoke in the wheels.

However, Google is starting to take more and more important to builders and gain visibility among the general public. Ice Cream Sandwich is a work of unification. Google will try to combine the operating system for smartphones and tablet to provide an ecosystem similar to IOS in order to better fight against its main competitor.

Christmas is a very important because it means new purchases, but also to renew contracts with telecom operators, which is often accompanied by the purchase of a new phone. One of the first Android 4.0 devices should belong to Samsung. Responding on behalf of Nexus Prime code, it would have a Super AMOLED screen HD 720p resolution, OMAP 4460 processor, a chip LTE 4G, 1 GB of RAM and a video sensor 1080p.

These features confirm the choice of processors to use Google OMAP4 for the reference platform for Ice Cream Sandwich.

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