Monday, August 8, 2011

Thermaltake Dr.Power II, a new tester for power supplies

Thermaltake has announced an enhanced version of its famous fountains tester Dr. Power, Dr. Power II. This universal tester to diagnose the condition of the power supply to prevent damage to the system. Dr. Power II features an oversized LCD panel that displays the data accurately each power rail (12V) independent.

With its innovative design and unique style, Dr. Power II evokes the next generation of testers for power supplies that meet the requirements of gamers and enthusiasts. Thermaltake Technology provides a seamless user experience, and therefore the product design provides excellent compatibility and flexibility for the user.

Dr. Power II is a universal tester: ATX supports all fonts available on the market today to ATX12V v.2.3. and is also capable of testing all the outputs of the source, such as SATA, PCI-Express peripherals, CPU, etc.. at the same time. The new tester Thermaltake Dr. Power II will be available at dealers starting this August.

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