Monday, August 8, 2011

IMac for less than $ 1 000 for education?

Interesting rumors, Apple could (re) propose an iMac "Education", below $ 1 000. This 21-inch iMac offirrait less memory and smaller hard drive (2 GB / 250 GB against 4 GB / 500 GB usually), a graphics card a little more limited - a Radeon HD 6750M with 256 MB of memory while the model Classic is equipped with 512 MB - and a less efficient processor.

The 21-inch iMac uses a standard four processor cores, the version "Education" be satisfied with two cores. The price could drop substantially from below $ 1 000, while the consumer model is proposed to $ 1 200. Recall that Apple has offered for several years of dedicated equipment in the world of education, with the eMac, iMac G5 iMac Intel and even a few months.

These machines had one thing in common: they were less expensive than traditional versions and are also - obviously - less efficient. The eMac was using a CRT screen (when the iMac was passed to the LCD), the iMac G5 had a slower processor and the Intel iMac did not have a dedicated graphics card.

It is also interesting to note that the machines "on the cheap" are often appreciated by the public and that Apple may sell them directly to the public: the eMac is out of education quickly and iMac with Intel GMA 950 joined the consumer line quickly. In this case, there is unlikely to happen: it could cannibalize sales of Mac mini.

Hopefully, the company also offers a replacement for the MacBook: If the MacBook Air finds its audience among regular users, it is not adapted to the world of education and 13-inch MacBook Pro is too expensive for this market.

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