Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preview: Assassin's Creed - Revelations: A grand finale for Ezio?

He has become more mature, but not quiet: With the mid-50's looks back on his life Ezio master killer, noting that his future for a piece of his past is missing. In visions he meets Altair, one of its predecessor which, although has been dead for 500 years, but his time was also a master assassin. Altaïr took this one of the most powerful in human history and hid it in the library of Masyaf, the holy city of the Order.

With only five keys to get behind the mystery of that object - and the keys are all located in the eastern city of Constantinople (now Istanbul). Ezio knows exactly where the journey must go so that he can to the Knights Templar, who is also behind the artifact ago, strong spit in the soup.

The object of desire its owner promises nothing less than dominion over the world! We talked exclusively with the Canadians Alexandre Breault, lead game designer of "Assassin's Creed - Revelations," and drew from him some new information about the game. The most important first: ". Right now we see this game as the end of the story of Altair and Ezio" The story would be told consistently to the end, last questions would be clarified.

But why is this time in the history of Italy distant Constantinople, in Rome or Florence? "For one thing, the city is already exciting as a melting pot between the occidental and oriental culture. On the other hand was the 16th Century, an era where even particularly interesting to us as a playing background very excited, "Breault said the decision process.

Rages such as time of the game where a bitter fratricidal war for power in the City: The Sultan appoints one of his sons as his successor, the other does not agree and stores with an army outside the gates of the city. Ezio is how these characters - and to him - tells the developer yet.

It is to be expected, however, that the player must choose one of the pages to get to your destination. And the choice of the site has even more impact on the game: "Ezio meets the Assassin of Constantinople to help him. He learns more combat abilities and uses them to know soon for his purposes.

" That means for the players that there are no other tools of the Leonardo da Vinci. The new weapons, such as a cannon fire coming from the assassins from Constantinople to support Ezio. The predecessor of the "Brotherhood" known Assassin apprentices occur again. Likewise, there's the opportunity to capture control of individual districts by all cities: "The struggle for control of Constantinople is dynamic.

Once conquered territories can go any time lost, the Templars attack less defended quarter to guarantee, "said Breault. Strategic considerations should play no role: to take Contiguous areas no advantage over wild areas distributed. The more control the player, the more bonuses await him.

The playful advantage to be worthwhile after all. At this time the apprentices will be more individual training possible. According to the developers, there are experts in various combat techniques - so you could put together a perfect team to pass tough fights. On top of that the fall in orders from across Europe varied, the basic principle, however, have stock.

In total, the Assassin guild system will expand and more flexible than it is in "Brotherhood" was the case. Give up his favorite heroes in the series has none of the players: "You play mainly Ezio, but there are sequences in which one slips into the skin or Altaïr Desmond," promises the fans Alexandre Breault.

"Especially for Desmond we've come up with a very bizarre levels where action is useless, but in which only reflect the desired result." More Breault did not disclose it. That participate in one of the best developers Ubisoft's flagship series is no secret. Therefore likely to at least the same quality be assured.

Some of the new ideas sound very interesting, but overall, the new moderate. Fans of the first hour should be taken exactly as newcomers. And we may confidently look forward to a successful conclusion of the first big story.

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