Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AMD: 20 cores in 2012

The explosion in the number of cores in the AMD CPU is confirmed. While a processor roadmap already announced to the public 10 hearts in 2012, the Komodo, a second CPU roadmap predicts today to 20 servers hearts for that year. These processors will consist of two chips to 10 cores, assembled in the same package.

The development is small in absolute terms compared to the Zambezi Bulldozer (8-core, general public) and Interlagos Opteron (16 cores, servers) that we should see happen around the September 19, but the trend is there. One wonders where AMD has to stop, she had nevertheless anticipated the end of the war of hearts.

Launched in 2012 with a 32 nm engraving under the code name Terramar, the CPU will migrate outside the norm in 28 nm in 2013 under the codename Dublin. They will all be compatible with G2012 and C2012 platforms, which succeed the current G34 and C32 next year.

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