Sunday, July 31, 2011

IBM creates a laboratory for the cloud

IBM has announced that it would create a Services Innovation Lab (SIL), a laboratory comprising two hundred experts of the company focus on developing solutions for testing and maintenance, among others, the clouds of company. The SIL is an extension of the division that is responsible for research and development of software and services.

IBM is clear that the primary purpose of its new lab will be to create software that will be resold to its customers. Specifically, the SIL will work to develop new services and cloud systems to easily move information and systems of a society in such infrastructure. IBM will also work to develop a dashboard to facilitate monitoring and network management.

It will provide tools for analysis and decision support and develop applications that will access a cloud and software from a smartphone or tablet on a 3G, for example. Some of these technologies already exist. The SIL is primarily used to consolidate research and development of IBM on the cloud in a company.

Big Blue currently generates most of its revenue by selling services to businesses and its new strategy is more a testament to the growth of the Olympic enterprise cloud.

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