Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thermaltake presents the final liquid cooling system, Level 10 GT LCS

Thermaltake continues its tradition as the cooling liquid, releasing a variant of its famous Level 10 GT box which includes a complete water cooling system. Adding Thermaltake BigWater BigWater A80 or 760 Plus has launched this special edition GT-called Level 10 LCS. LCS GT Level 10 - The new standard liquid cooling box Thermaltake, famed for being lñider manufacturer in the PC cooling market, has created the LCS Level 10 GT, a version of its famous Level 10 GT box but specialized in refrigeration liquid.

The LCS is integrated in an exclusive Bay and one block of smart water. The water block is made of pure copper to maximize thermal efficiency. In addition, Dimple Tube Technology radiator increases the turbulence within the same for maximum cooling. What's more, the pump pushes P500 500 L / H of water to produce an amazing flow and maximize the efficiency of the whole.

A fan with 12cm blue LED is responsible for cooling the radiator. On the other hand, Thermaltake provides the option of including in the Level 10 GT LCS his system "all in one" Thermaltake Bigwater A80, which has the advantage of not needing to be maintained and a system with integrated whole that provides good cooling, saving space and easy installation.

The liquid preinstalled offers high thermal conductivity, and low evaporation tubes reduce the loss of coolant efficiently. New Level 10 GT Thermaltake LCS, A80 and Bigwater Bigwater 760 Plus will be available through the dealer network starting August.

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