Friday, July 15, 2011

The AMD FX Zambezi would still delayed

Zambezi AMD processors, using architecture Bulldozer, would still be delayed according to documents that have been published on the site DonanimHaber. Four Zambezi were originally planned for the month of September and another four the following month. AMD have finally decided to release the eight at the same time.

The launch will take place a month later than expected and anticipated especially Christmas and New year. This leak thus complements that of last June (see "The Zambezi-FX AMD roadmap on the run") from the same site that had the merit of revealing the characteristics of the Llano. In addition to confirming the names and TDP processors announced last month, today's document provides the operating frequency and size of caches.

If this information is confirmed, the only unknown is the price and performance. Specifications are presented in a table at the bottom of this news. Also be aware that the processors are 32nm SOI. For the record, the SOI is a technology developed among others by French SOITEC placing an insulation layer between two silicon layers to reduce leakage currents.

According to information collected by DonanimHaber, the AMD processors would be stepping B2. The firm would have corrected the performance issues of B0 and B1 steppings that are the cause of many delays. Finally, the same site would have its hands an AMD FX-8130P, a prototype running at 3.2 GHz with a frequency of 3.7 GHz Turbo when the eight cores are activated.

If only four of them are active, the frequency can go up to 4.2 GHz. The editors have obviously launched a series of benchmarks, but the inadequate test protocols can not draw conclusions about the new architecture. Indeed, they used such SuperPi and Cinebench R10. The first is useless on a processor using more than four cores and the second is a single application thread that does not take advantage of all of the chip.

Fritz Chess meanwhile shows a 23% improvement compared to a processor Thuban, which is normal since the Bulldozer has two cores and more. Donanim Haber has since removed the test website. These are not the first benchmarks to appear on the Web (see "A CPU AMD 4.6 GHz Zambezi pushed"). Unfortunately, it is impossible to form an opinion on the matter.

The Zambezi should, according to initial estimates, to arrive at the Sandy Bridge. It will nevertheless expect the marketing of chips and final publication of the tariff policy of AMD to get a real opinion on this architecture that is supposed to replace the green giant in the race for success.

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